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We understand the challenges of installing a landscape that meets the expectations set by the initial design.

At Current Landscape Designs, we are proud to offer a variety of outdoor landscaping services that are not limited to simply taking care of a garden or mowing a lawn. Here is an overview of some of our main landscaping design services.



Of course, we are more than able to take care of any general landscaping needs you may have. If you’re trying to bring new life to your property but can’t manage to keep the grass green or the flowers blooming, we have just the things you need to spruce it up. We can give advice on what kinds of plants last best without water, lay down new sod or fertilizer, or just take care of superficial bush-trimming. Just let us know what you need and we’ll be glad to do it!



This is an especially important category for business owners, especially if you operate a function hall or reception venue. If you need new paths, fountains, or signs on your property, we are prepared to make that happen. If you need an outdoor patio, gazebo, fence or shed, we’re the ones to call. We understand that redoing the architecture of the building itself can be an exhausting project, so touching up smaller areas of it or working on an area outside can create the illusion of a more modern building overall.


3D Designs

We don’t just mean that we can bring your home to life and add the fixtures and plant life you need to make it seem more three-dimensional. While that is certainly possible (and, in our opinion, highly recommended), 3D design refers to the use of computer graphic arts software to plot our ideas before we get started in the yard. Gone are the days of 2D drawing boards – this software helps us have a more specialized idea of what the final result will truly look like.


Current Landscaping Designs is pleased to announce its consistent use of AutoCAD, a computer software program that allows us to create intricate blueprints. This computer-aided drawing (hence the “CAD”) technology is used by the most advanced designers, drafters, and engineers to use mathematics to ensure that the plans we have for your project can come to fruition realistically and safely. 

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