About Us

Our inspiration comes from our passion of creating breathtaking sceneries.

Current Landscape Designs

A team of creative contractors installing outdoor areas that will have people talking.


The Team

At Current Landscape Designs, we offer a variety of services to beautify your property. We’re more than just a team of people to water your garden and cut your lawn every few weeks. Our team of professionally-trained, state-certified landscapers, carpenters, stone masons, and other specialists have experience in everything from general maintenance to one-time construction projects and everything in between. Our staff operates a variety of specialized equipment from your standard lawnmowers to pavers to all kinds of wood chippers, saws, and more.


What We do

Some of our specialties include, but are certainly not limited to, hardscaping, irrigation, and turf installation. Whether your gardens and lawns need some regular touching-up or you’re trying to install a brand new fountain, no project is too big or too small for the hardworking and experienced staff of Current Landscape Designs. We’re interested in your ideas and excited to get started on bringing them to life.

 The core principles of Current Landscape Designs are communication, respect, timeliness, and quality. We understand that nothing can be accomplished if every party isn’t on the same page.


Custom Designs for unique landscapes

That’s why we offer a consultation visit before we get started on the project so that we can evaluate your property and formulate the best plan we can together. We prioritize your comfort and satisfaction because we know how much your home means to you. At Current Landscape Designs, we are confident that we can make your design dreams a reality faster and more reliably than any of the other teams. When you work with us, we truly make it our mission to help ensure that you feel like a valued and respected member of the family.

Phoenix Landscape Design Team

Ready to transform your property beyond your imagination.

We encourage you to email us or to give us a call at 602-476-1624 with any of your comments or inquiries. Whether you’re looking for an estimated price quote, you want to up a consultation visit, or you just want to find out more about us, we look forward to hearing from you!

Schedule an Onsite Session

We look forward to reviewing your ideas and providing practical recommendations to complete the transformation you desire.

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